10 free CRM software to discover


Looking for a free CRM software, which will still allow you to effectively manage your customers and contacts?

You’re in luck: here is a selection of 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools that are worth a look.

Free and free, these online solutions can assist you in your commercial management, the development of your sales and the follow-up of your prospects.

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Axonaut is the French CRM designed for startups / VSEs / SMEs. Equipped with simple functions and automations to save time, it is ideal for small structures that want to focus on the essential: their job! Forget the administration!

Many features support you to centralize everything on 1 tool:

  • CRM,
  • Estimate,
  • Invoices,
  • Accounting.

As well as innovations: electronic signature, online payment, accounting portal, etc.


French. In addition, a French support based in Toulouse is present to support you!

CRM Initiative

Make your daily life easier with Initiative CRM, the preferred management software for French SMEs.

Designed and hosted in France, this single tool concentrates:

  • Customer follow-up and reminders
  • Quotes, invoices, BL, stocks
  • Your synchronized email and calendar
  • Marketing
  • Customer extranet
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Mobile version

Stop re-entering, automate your data with hundreds of software (ERP, e-commerce, marketing, accounting, etc.). Sovereignty of your data: additional backup to the FTP server of your choice.

More than 1000 clients supported for 12 years.


Facture.net Free CRM

Both invoicing software and free online CRM, Facture.net is the ideal tool to manage your database of customers and prospects while simply generating your invoices and quotes.

Perfect for self-employed or small businesses, it facilitates your business management and helps you identify business opportunities, while making the export of your data as easy as possible.

CRM Cream

free crm cream

A French CRM tool developed by a Marseille team, Crème CRM covers many functionalities: customer relationship management, marketing tools, sales force and even reporting.

A very complete free and open source software, in short.

Hubspot CRM

free CRM hubspot

Hubspot CRM is a free CRM solution intended particularly for SMEs with many features and a simple and fluid interface.

It helps you boost your sales productivity with clear visibility of your sales pipeline and automatic recording of your customer interactions.


Free CRM Suite

SuiteCRM is an open source CRM that describes itself as a viable alternative to SalesForce and other big names in the market: it is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular solutions of its kind.

While it is free to download, SuiteCRM has many paid extensions to increase its functionality.


dolibarr CRM free

Dolibarr is another reference for free online CRM. This free software is a real complete management tool, which however makes it a little less accessible.

Like SuiteCRM, it has a paid module store (the Dolistore) to obtain additional functions.

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Civi CRM free

CiviCRM has the particularity of being intended for non-profit organizations, NGOs or even pressure groups.


Another specificity of this free and open solution: it must be integrated directly into your favorite CMS (Content Management Software), whether it is WordPress, Joomla! or even Drupal. You can then use it on your website.


Free EspoCRM

Another free CRM software, EspoCRM is equipped with the essential functions that an SME or VSE has the right to expect.

Its appreciable ergonomics make it easy to juggle various tasks: order management, sales, agenda, social networks …

Agile CRM

agile CRM

It should be noted from the outset that Agile CRM is only free for up to 10 users (it will therefore be suitable for small structures).

Although limited, this free version still allows you to build a contact database of up to 1,000 people and companies, manage your agenda, perform lead scoring and several other features that make it an interesting choice.


Vtiger, free CRM

Completely free and accessible to all, Vtiger is suitable for very small businesses as well as for large companies. This open-source CRM software offers a clear and intuitive interface to support you in your day-to-day management.

To avoid spoiling anything, Vtiger integrates with your other management and marketing tools, for a 360 ° customer vision.


Bitrix24 Free CRM

Bitrix24 offers a free CRM among its many project management and team communication solutions. Manage your customers, your appointments and your sales funnel from the free application.

Do you need an all-in-one management tool? Bitrix24 provides you with additional solutions for 360 ° business management.

How to choose the right CRM?

49% of customer management software (CRM) adoption projects fail, according to Forrester Research. Yet it is now at the heart of any growing business: 73% of sales professionals use it.

And for good reason, for each euro invested in a CRM, you get a return on investment of 7.33 euros. Not to mention that you also improve the productivity of your marketing and sales teams!

However, choosing the right CRM can be difficult. You have to gauge the multitude of tools available, your business needs, deployment options, customization capabilities, cost, adaptability, business value… So how do you do it right? Discover 5 tips for choosing the right CRM!

1. Study the different types of CRM

To choose the right customer management software, you first need to know that there are different types of platforms.

Operational CRM

It offers three automation capabilities:

  • Sales force to analyze the purchasing cycle
  • Marketing to better communicate with prospects and customers
  • Customer service to improve consumer satisfaction

It is the most complete solution in terms of CRM. It is therefore primarily intended for medium and large companies, which must manage a large customer portfolio and conduct large-scale marketing campaigns.

Analytical CRM

This type of CRM is designed to process and analyze customer data using advanced techniques. It gives you an in-depth view of your customers’ buying behavior and trends. This allows you to develop precise and targeted offers. Perfect for companies who want to increase their market share by using data.

Collaborative CRM

It facilitates communication and sharing of vital customer information with internal (sales, advisers, management) and external (service providers, partners) stakeholders. The objective is to improve customer follow-up, as well as the sales force. It is the most common type of CRM and the most used by small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Choose a supplier specific to your sector of activity

Although all CRMs focus on customer relationship management, functional needs can vary from one industry to another.

That’s why you should choose a CRM provider who has worked with businesses and industries similar to yours. By simply studying their website, you can get to know their customers and find out if the tool is right for your needs.

Also, consider checking out third-party review sites, for testimonials or referrals.

3. Check personalization and training offers

A CRM should complement your business and reflect your sales process, marketing strategy, customer service activities, and contact management routines. That is why you should choose a system that is easy to customize.

Therefore, when choosing a tool, be aware of the potential for customization and possible additional costs.

Also inquire about prices for training sessions and not just for online tutorials. 49% of CRM adoption processes fail because employees are not trained enough… And not all employees are able to learn online.

However, if you want your CRM to fully serve the organization of your activity, all employees must know how to use it perfectly!

4. Think about a CRM adapted to mobile devices

Consider these statistics:

  • 81% of CRM users access it through more than one device type.
  • 65% of sales reps whose businesses have adopted mobile CRM met their sales quotas, compared to just 22% of businesses that did not.
  • Productivity increases by 14.6% when sales reps have mobile access to their CRM.

Salespeople and managers need access to data while on the move. Including customer history, previous orders, sales guarantees, as well as scheduled reminders.

Then opt for a CRM designed natively for each operating system (whether Android, iOS or Windows) to maximize adoption by your teams.

5. Avoid hidden costs

The last factor, and not the least, to take into account when choosing your CRM concerns the hidden costs. These are usually placed on:

  • Adding users
  • Customization
  • Data migration
  • Overtime during implementation
  • Continuous training and customer support

Ask for information on each aspect before making your choice. The goal is to be able to forecast your budget perfectly and to guarantee the deployment of CRM within your company.


Choosing the right CRM for your business is essential to meeting your business and marketing goals. By the way, start with this: what do you expect from a CRM? What are the essential features to achieve your goal? You can then follow our advice to find the perfect customer management software from our selection.

Recall that a Free CRM may be insufficient for large enterprises or with very substantial commercial activity.

It is, however, a good solution for small companies that need efficient customer management without spending a fortune. Solutions combining CRM and billing management are all the more appreciable as they do not have to multiply the tools.

Do you prefer to develop your own tailor-made solution? Freelance developers can help you on Codeur.com. Post your project for free and receive numerous quotes within minutes.

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