25+ themes and components for your Tailwind CSS site


Tailwind CSS is a highly customizable framework that gives you all the building blocks you need to create custom UIs, without the dogmatic default styles that are so mundane that you feel like you have to replace them.

Most CSS frameworks (such as the Illustrated Bootstrap) come with dozens of prebuilt components that can help you move quickly at first, but cause more problems than they solve as soon as they happen. This is to bring out a personalized design for your site.

Tailwind is different: it provides low-level utility classes that allow you to create fully custom designs without ever leaving your HTML code.

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If you’re tired of fighting the framework to replace unwanted styles, here’s a list that has a collection of free or premium CSS Tailwind themes that you can use to quickly start your next design / development project.

All the resources included in this list are of course responsive and classified according to whether you are looking for a landing page, blog or portfolio template, an e-shop and even a dashboard.

Tailwind CSS theme for your online store: GraphCMS eCommerce Storefront

An ecommerce store built using GraphCMS, Next.js, and Stripe, the template uses Tailwind CSS for its styles. This store’s repository is open-source, so you can quickly prototype and iterate over your own storefront.

You can download GraphCMS eCommerce Storefront or see a demo on this site.

Tailwind CSS Blog Theme: Blist


Blist is a Hugo theme, ideal for building a high-performance, SEO-optimized personal blog.

The content is responsive and the blog contains a powerful search function, a dark mode and integrates the author’s social media links in an elegant module. The pagination of the blog ensures good performance!

Coded in Go with Tailwind, you can find out more by following this link.

Tailwind CSS portfolio template: ShowFolio


Like Blist, ShowFolio is a modern portfolio theme for your Hugo site.

This is a performance-optimized theme for creating a simple but attractive portfolio site, thanks to its responsive content, the possibility of backing it up with a blog system that supports the addition of CodePen extracts … And again, the presence of dark mode.

Find ShowFolio on the author’s website.

Templates to create Tailwind CSS landings pages

Hugo Landing Page

Hugo Landing Page

A simple landing page template built with Hugo, Gulp and Tailwind CSS. Its modular single page approach, based on a section system, makes it a very easy to use theme. Your landing page will be fast and will have very few dependencies. Hugo Landing Page has been tested on a wide variety of devices.

The price

Once again available for free at Jamstack!

Tailwind Toolbox

Tailwind Toolbox

This landing page template is suitable for any marketing objective for a product whether digital or physical, and can be used as a real sales funnel to increase your conversion rate. Finally, it is fully responsive (including dynamic forms), customizable and well documented.

The Tailwind Toolbox GitHub lists several sites using it: ideal for getting an idea of ​​its potential!

Corporate website template: Open PRO

Open PRO

Open PRO is a powerful corporate website template, which comes with a dark layout and a clean user interface. Thanks to the presence of several pages and components, it is an ideal solution for start-ups wishing to present their business.

If you need a professional look and unlimited development options, Open Pro is a choice to consider.

Theme for a Tailwind Messaging application: Tompson

Chat / Messaging Application

Tompson is a live chat theme with a customizable user interface and dashboard. This responsive template includes pages and elements that can help you build a “messenger like” application, based on Tailwind CSS.

Tailwind CSS backoffice / administration themes



Midone is a starter kit for your future administration dashboard with of course the integration of TailwindCSS.

The template is designed to fit different types of device screens and comes with a few unique pages and various types of components that can help you build your dashboard quickly. The time saved will allow you to focus on developing the rest of your project, without having to worry about creating backoffice templates.

The price

The theme is premium, available at Theme Forest for $ 25.

Tailwind Admin view

Tailwind Admin view

Vue Tailwind Admin is an admin theme with a modern layout, inspired by the latest design trends. Its user interface evokes sheets of paper arranged in different layers, which bring depth and order regardless of the complexity of your administration board.

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Tailwind is different from classic frameworks: it provides low-level utility classes that allow you to create fully customizable designs without ever leaving your HTML code. Tailwind gives you the basic building blocks you need to create user interfaces, without the default styles that almost always turn out to be unnecessary, since of course you have to override them.

Let’s take a look at some sites that can be valuable resources to enrich your Tailwind site with new components: after a short description of the site, find a selection of the most popular components.

Tailwind Components

Tailwind components is a free repository for components using TailwindCSS.


It’s a community tool where users share their Tailwind UI components and templates to let you launch your new apps, projects or landing pages!

Popular components from Tailwind Components

Search bar

Tailwind CSS search bar

A modern and responsive search bar, available in several colors, allows you to refine the search according to categories.

Login screen

login Tailwind CSS

If you are looking for a template to allow your users to create an account on your site, this component can be useful!

Call to action Newsletter

newsletter subscription Tailwind CSS

What would you say if your newsletter subscription banner was delivered responsive and ready to use?

Modal windows

modal Tailwind CSS

This component is a modern and elegant dialog box that will adapt to the design of the majority of the sites that you will create!

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is a collection of fully responsive HTML snippets designed by the creators of TailwindCSS that you can integrate into your Tailwind projects. Start by checking out their free components, or browse PNG previews in the premium categories that interest you most.

Each component is integrated right on the page and you can even see what it looks like in different break points by dragging the slider to the right.

The price

Free and premium, $ 129 per category or $ 239 for all 3.

Popular components of Tailwind UI

Advanced table

Tailwind CSS table

Tables are often hell to create: this one is elegant, allows the insertion of images, content on several lines per cell, buttons …

“My Account” page

Tailwind CSS profile page

A complete profile page template composed of several separate cards and several save buttons.

Quick product overview

product overview Tailwind CSS

Allow your customers to open a modal window containing all of your product information, with any variations and the add to cart button using this component.

Wind Kit

Kit Wind offers a free selection of versatile and fully responsive UI kits, designed with Tailwind CSS, for start-ups and sites of all kinds.

The price

If this first “pack” is free, we can guess that in the future Kit Wind will have a premium offer.

Popular components of Kit Wind


Tailwind CSS header

A varied selection of modern headers, equipped (or not) with Call-to-action, ideal for starting a landing page or simply your home page.


Tailwind CSS blog template

Arrange the articles on your blog as you wish with these original templates.

Price tables

Tailwind CSS pricing table

Kit wind offers 4 different price tables, from the most basic to the most advanced, with photos, featured featured offer, etc.

Tail Blocks

Tail blocks provides blocks built using Tailwind CSS that you can reuse in your own sites. It’s not a dependency that you add to your project, just HTML that you can copy and paste into your own code.

To do so, select a block you want to use, choose a color from the palette for the block you have selected and indicate whether you want to use light or dark mode using the toggle button. Click on the “Display the code” button, you just have to copy / paste it into your project.

Popular components of Tail Blocks

Tailwind CSS blocks

The site navigation does not allow you to link the components individually, however you will find different layout templates for blogs, e-commerce, price tables, landing page templates, contact forms.

Hero Icons

Hero Icons, as the name suggests, only offers one thing: SVG icons designed by the makers of Tailwind CSS.

No less than 230 icons are available and are suitable for 2 different uses, covering the current needs of any website:

Outline Icons

Icons for Tailwind CSS

For the main navigation and marketing sections, these are designed to be rendered at 24 × 24.

Solid icons

Icons for Tailwind CSS

Ideal for all types of buttons, for your form elements and to fit into your texts, they are designed to be rendered in 20 × 20 format.


There is no doubt that this selection will allow you to create the Tailwind CSS site of your dreams.

However, if you are having difficulty setting up and customizing your site, do not hesitate to call on a freelance Tailwind CSS developer from Codeur.com.

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