8 platforms to create a free blog in 2021


Whether for a personal project, for your freelance activity or to promote your brand, a blog is essential! However, it is not always easy to create it from A to Z. Fortunately, there are platforms to start blogging without having to spend 1 euro. Interesting, isn’t it?

Head to 8 sites that help you start your blog in just a few clicks!

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Do you have: zero knowledge of coding, web design and above all zero euros? Site123 is for you!

Thanks to the templates available, you can get your blog online in less than an hour. You have the choice between several templates classified into different categories: tourism, photography, music, health, sport, etc. The designs are quite modern and easy to customize.

Perfect for starting a personal blog or taking your first steps in content marketing.

In addition to free hosting, the platform offers SEO tools to optimize the ranking of your blog in search engines.


Are you a VSE / SME or a freelance? SiteW lets you launch your business or personal blog in minutes.

No technical skills are required to customize it. With the modules offered, you can configure your blog according to your expectations thanks to the “Drag and drop” function. Convenient to visualize, in real time, what you are doing!

Unlike Site123, SiteW limits the number of pages you can create in its free plan. Which can be a disadvantage if you want to flesh out your blog. However, it is possible to try the features offered by the platform to get an idea. If you like it, the first plan starts at 4.99 € / month.


Another platform to use to create a personal blog? Joomla! It is the second CMS, after WordPress, in terms of popularity. You will also notice that we are not talking about WordPress in this article: it is quite well known and we wanted to present alternatives.

Back to Joomla! Open Source platform, you benefit from numerous blog articles and an active community of professionals to help you create and manage your blog. You do not need any prior programming knowledge: the CMS offers predefined templates and is very intuitive to use. Codeur Tuto also offers Joomla tutorials! to help you set up your site.

However, you will need to know a little about web development if you want to customize your blog and reference it on your own domain name. If not, know that you can find Joomla experts for free! on Codeur.com.

Joomla is therefore an interesting “in between” for individuals or professionals with specific needs and some knowledge of HTML!


A site without addicts, that’s what Jimdo promises! If you have little knowledge of web development, you can create your blog directly through the front-end. Even your blog posts are written live.

Just like SiteW, Jimdo offers a “drag and drop” function to personalize your blog after choosing your theme. Result: the platform is suitable for VSEs / SMEs as well as novice and freelance bloggers.


For the first year of registration, Jimdo allows you to use a personalized domain name for free. As for hosting, it remains free throughout your use.

The platform also offers automated SEO features to index your blog immediately in search engines.

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If you’re a newbie who wants to get started blogging quickly, Wix is ​​a great option.

It is the platform that offers the largest storage space among the entire selection (500 MB) and 1 GB of bandwidth. It is built entirely on the “drag and drop” function for easy and intuitive use, no matter your computer level.

And if you don’t have any previous website building experience, you can let Wix AI blog for you based on a quiz (or follow the Wix tutorials we’ve put together for you!).

The plus of Wix? It shows you the position that your article can occupy in search engines like Google! This allows you to easily optimize your SEO.


Aimed at developers, Jekyll takes your raw text files to turn them into a blog, to be hosted wherever you want.

It’s the platform behind the GitHub pages, which means you can host your blog there for free. By creating your blog with Jekyll, you don’t need to work on technical aspects like databases or updates. It’s a real time saver, even if you know your way around web development.


WordPress is the most used CMS in the world. With its very active community, the many plugins developed to improve the platform, and the huge library of available themes, you will have no trouble customizing your blog as you wish.

However, WordPress.org will ask you for some technical skills. Indeed, you will manage the hosting and installation of the CMS yourself. Note that many WordPress tutorials exist to assist you in these steps and in optimizing your blog.

Many WordPress developers are also available on Codeur.com to develop themes or plugins as per your need or help you troubleshoot any issues you might encounter.


WordPress.com is the online version of WordPress.org. No need to choose a host or perform any manipulation to install your CMS: you can create it online for free from WordPress.com. Millions of websites have chosen this option for easy management of their blog.

With this selection of free CMS, you can easily create your blog.

And if these free tools do not fully meet your needs, you can get professional support by posting an ad on Codeur.com!

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