8 tips for creating a professional email signature


With 269 billion emails sent every day, we quickly understand that electronic messaging remains a very popular means of communication in the world of work.

Moreover, signing an email is part of a brand’s identity. It symbolizes his professionalism and sometimes turns into a real communication tool.

Follow our 7 tips to create your professional looking email signature.

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1. Clearly state your identity

It may seem obvious, but we prefer to remind you: your email signature must clearly indicate who you are.

It’s not just about writing your first and last name. You must mention your position, your role in the company… your email signature is in fact your virtual business card.

2. Suggest other ways to contact you

Your recipient may prefer to contact you other than by email.

Your signature must contain at least your phone number and your email. You can also add your address, your Skype name, links to your social networks or to your appointment scheduling software.

Even if your recipient replies to you via e-mail, they will notice that you are an easily reachable person.

By adding a link to your personal calendar, you make it easier to make appointments with your contacts. In one click, they can access your availability and schedule a call or a meeting with you.

Signature email contact

3. Insert a profile picture

Imagine the following situation: you have been exchanging for some time with a person by email, you have never seen him in real life and yet you are going to meet him during a conference. How will you recognize yourself?

By inserting a profile photo in the signature of your email your recipients know who you are. This photo also generates sympathy for you.

For more professionalism, be sure to use the same photo as on all of your social networks. The photo should be professional and reflect your dynamism and function.

4. Promote your business

Your email signature is a great opportunity to promote your website, blog or products. Enjoy it! Insert banners, visuals or other elements to draw the attention of your contacts to your news.


You can even take it a step further by sharing case studies, webinars, or white papers if you’re engaging with potential customers.

Our advice

Add tracking UTMs on the links appearing on your email signature. This will let you know which format works best and what information is driving traffic.

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5. Create a responsive professional signature

Many people check their emails from their smartphones. If you are using an email signature generator, make sure it is responsive.

Be careful :

  • the font size
  • the size of the images
  • the distance between the clickable areas
  • organization of information on mobile

Also make sure that your signature is displayed at the bottom of your email when you send it from your phone. It will be much more professional than the mention “Sent from my smartphone”.

6. Check the display of your email signature in several formats

Avoid 100% image signatures that may not appear on some messaging services. Choose an HTML format composed of texts and visuals.

Don’t forget the alt tags on your images! If they are not displayed, your interlocutor will still know what you want to represent. For example, consider indicating the name of your company, correctly spelled, as an alternative tag on your logo …

Remember to test the display of your signature on the various email clients. HTML code can sometimes be interpreted differently from one mailbox to another, and a signature displaying correctly on your webmail could be completely distorted on an Outlook Windows application.

7. Create a clear design for your professional signature

If you use an email signature generator you will certainly have the possibility to customize its appearance.

However, stick to a clean design and don’t insert too many elements. Your email signature is not your biography. Your signature should not be too long and should not be more than 7 lines.

Select only the most important information to display. For example, do not include links to your social networks if you are not active there regularly.

Also limit the number of typographies and colors used. Keep it clear and simple for a more readable signature.

8. Stay consistent with your brand

Whatever you put in your email signature, it must represent your brand.

This means that you will have to insert your logo and use the same color codes as well as the same typography.

Brand email signature


By following these tips your email signature will become a new communication tool. You can easily promote your brand during your email exchanges.

Do you want a personalized and responsive signature? You can also ask a graphic designer or an HTML integrator to create it for you. Ask for quotes on Codeur.com!

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