From science to creation


It is also interesting to look at marketing from a point of view psychological. Indeed, marketing and psychology go together and that is why it is interesting to take into account psychological aspects during our creation.

Several studies can be used for this, including a Tripadvisor study revealing that 77% of travelers do not book a hotel until they see what other customers have to say. This therefore means that integrating social proof to its marketing campaign, such as notes, from testimonials… is likely to create a positive reactionamong potential customers and thus push them to procurement.


This study joins the notion of authority. Beyond building the confidence of potential customers, having a large number of subscribers on social networks and likes will make them more inclined to useis what Neil Patel reveals in his article titled “How Spending $ 162,301 on Clothes Made Me Earn 692,500”. In this article, he claims that people believe what they see. So if your brand is not known, or it offers poor quality products, good marketing highlighting your success on the networks will give you a more prestigious image from consumers who will be more apt to spend a lot on your brand.

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