How to create a podcast?


Want to get into audio marketing by creating a podcast? A wise idea when you know that a million podcasts are listened to every day in France.

However, embarking on such an adventure requires preparation. Achieving such a format is much less easy than you might think!

Focus on 5 tips for starting a successful podcast.

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Why create a podcast?

The podcast continues to expand its fan base. It is engaging, useful, inspiring and can be listened to while doing another activity. It is the ideal complement to a visual and editorial content strategy. You touch the customer while they are in the car, in the middle of a fitness session or while cooking.

According to an OpinionWay poll for Audible, 52% of French people have already listened to a podcast. Still do not see the usefulness of it for your marketing strategy?

Here are 5 reasons that will certainly change your mind!

1. The podcast, a format of the future

The death of the podcast? it’s not for tomorrow. Businesses predict happy days with exponential growth in consumption.

Spotify plans to invest between 400 and 500 million dollars in the exploitation of podcasts in 2019. As for the main French radios (France Bleue, RTL, RTL2, Europe 1, Fun Radio and many others), they affirm that their listeners download about 16 podcasts per month. 40% of these downloads are listened to within 48 hours …

The freedom to choose when to listen is fully in line with new content consumption habits. Listening to an on-demand program will become as “normal” as watching a movie or a series when you want to.

2. An easy-to-produce format

Producing written content requires a lot of resources, rigor and seriousness, especially in writing. You have to pay attention to the use of grammar, spelling rules, lexicon … At least, if you want to reflect the image of a reliable and professional brand.

With the podcast, you don’t put in as much effort and yet you produce quality and relevant content.

3. The podcast conveys an emotion

What better way to establish and strengthen a bond between an author and a user than emotion? The podcast gives you this possibility thanks to the intimate nature of an audio message.

Through inflection and tone of voice, it is easy to convey emotion to the listener. What is more difficult with the written word. Your customers and prospects are more likely to develop a personal relationship with a podcast host than with a blog post author.

And a better relationship often means more engagement with your brand.

4. Better acquisition of prospects

One click is enough to read an article. Quite the opposite of a podcast.

There are several steps the user needs to go through before subscribing to your channel. So when he’s subscribed, that means he’s interested in what you have to say. He’s already engaged with your brand and ready to take the next step with you.

A subscriber to your podcasts is more likely to buy a product than any other lead. You are sure to win a loyal customer.

5. Perfect management of its e-reputation

In a marketing strategy, the main goal of podcasting is to increase the authority and awareness of a brand. This format also helps to consolidate the auditor’s confidence in your company.

If you want to increase your notoriety, improve your e-reputation and breathe new life into your image, the podcast is a format to integrate into your strategy.


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5 steps to create your podcast

1. Choose the subject of the podcast

What will make Internet users download and listen to your podcast? Its title… and therefore its subject! You need to find a “pain point” in your prospects and exploit it to make them want to listen to you and get to know you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the goals of my prospects?
  • What are the problems they want to solve?
  • What are their obstacles and their motivations for subscribing to my services?
  • What can I bring them?

Thanks to the answers, you will get many themes for attract qualified internet users. Take good care of the title, being captivating and clear at the same time.

Consider using interrogative forms “how to do …?” “,” What is the best way to …? “,” Why use …? “, Etc. You can also use a list of tips, tricks, or “pro secrets”.

These two types of turns always work very well.

2. Define the podcast format

Podcasts can have two formats: audio only or with video. In this second case, it is not a question of filming you, but of showing useful documents or concrete examples to support your words.

This format is more and more common and can help you explain complex topics.

3. Write a plan

Before recording your podcast, write a script. Without necessarily writing your speech sentence by sentence, take care of make a detailed plan points to be addressed.

On the one hand, this plan allows you to offer a coherent, understandable and forgettable program. And on the other hand, it serves as a guide during recording, which will save you from having to start it over several times (and waste time).

4. Equip yourself

Recording a podcast from the microphone of your smartphone is not a good idea. Of course, it’s free, but your image may suffer. You can buy a good quality headset for around a hundred dollars.

This investment is important so that you are taken seriously. Also, if the sound is bad, your first listeners will not listen to your other podcasts.

5. Promote your podcast

To make your podcast successful, promote it as much as possible. Post it on your social networks, write a blog article to present it, insert it into your other content on a common theme …

Also consider promoting it via Social Media Ads and, why not, with a Google Adwords campaign.

If possible, also add it on platforms where podcasts are regularly downloaded: iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Spotify or Deezer.

The more listeners you attract, the more you increase your chances of success.


Available at any time, on all devices, the podcast is developing more and more. You surely have things to say to create your own show! Try the experience to diversify your means of communication and broaden your target.

By opting for the podcast now, you are investing in a fertile and uncompetitive channel. The return on investment is therefore guaranteed, provided you offer useful and original content.

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