How to increase the conversion rate of your emailings?


The marketing and commercial activity of a company pushes to send many promotional emails. The objective of this approach is, of course, to attract new customers or to revive consumers.

Despite the emergence of social networks and other marketing channels, email remains an extremely effective way to communicate with your prospects. Now that you have established a base of subscribers to your emails, you must succeed in converting these subscribers. Subscribers to your mailing list are a great asset in growing your sales.

However, how do you stand out in the mass of emails that your recipients receive every day? Here are some tips to help you drive conversions from your email list to turn your subscribers into customers.

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The proven effectiveness of email marketing

According to a QuickSprout study:

  • 66% of US online shoppers, aged 15 and over, have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing campaign.
  • 91% of consumers check their emails at least once a day.
  • Over 70% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails.

However, for your emails to convince your prospects, you have to build a list of qualified contacts.

Before creating your emailing campaigns

Understand the expectations of your Internet users

First and foremost and with the aim of creating attractive content for your emailings, it is to embody its readers in order to better identify their interests.

Create buyer personas to help you discover what content would be most relevant to them. You will then understand what Internet users expect from your brand and why they have subscribed to your emailings.


A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. To create it, base yourself on biographical and demographic information, psychological criteria, motivations or even objectives.

To learn more about how to create and use buyer personas in marketing, download our white paper:


Define the objective of your emailings

You have identified the expectations of your Internet users. Now you need to define the goal of sending your email campaigns:

What actions do you expect from your subscribers?

  • Signing up for a free trial?
  • Downloading your ebook?
  • A simple visit to your website to learn more about your brand?

By answering these questions, you will learn more about the purpose of your email campaigns and can focus more on their content.

Attract new subscribers

Discount, voucher, gift

The most common way to attract subscribers is to give a freebie such as a white paper, a discount or voucher on your site, or any other product or service that has value to your prospect.

Ideally, come up with an offer that actually integrates them into your sales process to start convincing them that you are the right company for their needs.

You need to design your giveaway in a relevant way, because it will determine the type of followers you will attract.

Trial version

The secret to attracting potential customers, and not just subscribers to your email list, is to give them a taste of your paid offer. Attract them to your list by offering them a limited version of your premium services.

Do you sell products? Create a testers club and each month select multiple prospects to send them your products.

Increase the conversion rate of your emails

An adapted message

Today, we rarely spend time reading the promotional emails we receive. To optimize your emailing, it is therefore imperative to adapt to the contemporary habits of your interlocutors.

Our advice

Start by creating a simple, clear and short message that will be understood in less than a minute. Indeed, people must be able to read each message at a glance, but also read it on their mobile or tablet.

The message must also meet the needs of the audience, otherwise it will not be read. It is therefore necessary to bet on seasonal emails and in connection with the activity or the centers of interest of the recipients.

Source: Bérengère Hosselet

A sober layout

No need to create emails that are too rich in layout or visuals: your audience could confuse them with advertisements and delete them even before having read them. Worse yet, your message might not display correctly, especially on smartphones and tablets.

Our advice

Opt for a sober layout that will display without problem. So you maximize your chances of hitting your target.

Highlight the benefits and not the functionalities

Very often, when we want to sell a product or service, we tend to fall into the technical specifics of the product or service in question. But most of the time, what the future buyer wants to know is what problem will be solved by your solution, not how it will be solved.


Our advice

Do not talk about what your product does (characteristics, functionalities…). Instead, explain how it will improve your client’s life (benefits).

Strong evidence

The middle of the customer journey can be a frustrating and difficult place for salespeople to manage. You have a loyal subscriber who is interested in what you offer, but who is still hesitant to buy …

You have to convince him and reassure him. And for that, you need to provide him with evidence of effectiveness and satisfaction with your product or service. Consider sharing customer stories, testimonials, customer reviews in your conversion emails.

Source: Roxane Chopin

An automatic response sequence

Send engaging, compelling, direct-selling emails to your prospect.

Start with a congratulatory message, following the subscription to your newsletter, which helps build the confidence of your contacts. They will immediately see that they made the right decision by subscribing to your mailing list.

Then offer an email that tells the story of your business, in order to introduce yourself to your prospects. Also add a link to download additional content.

Then offer to support potential customers in their purchases by providing them with content such as purchasing guides, product reviews and tests, customer case studies, etc.

Good segmentation

Instead of sending too many messages, it is better to send quality emails.

Maybe not all of your followers are there for the same reasons, and maybe they don’t want the same thing. Segmentation allows you to increase the relevance of your campaign and send the right emails to the right subscribers at the right time. Location, age, gender… Get to know your subscribers to better convert them.

A personalized course

Personalizing your emails, such as the recipient’s name, is an effective way to grab attention and be read. There are many tools that allow you to do all kinds of things to tailor your emails to each recipient.

A “Dear [Prénom] “Or” Hello [Prénom] Is always appreciated by recipients. They have more the impression of being considered and of receiving an offer which is adapted to them.

For this, of course, you must have the necessary data. So remember to adapt your registration forms to your mailing list.

Source: Mica Humero

A qualified and up-to-date database

For the conversion rate of an emailing to be high, it is necessary to have a qualified and cleaned database, and therefore perfectly up-to-date.

Regularly remove addresses that are inactive or that return a persistent error message.

A successful relaunch

After an emailing, many messages go unanswered. Do not hesitate to revive your inactive contacts with a special message.

If these are prospects who have suddenly stopped opening your emails, you can call them. These are the ones who might really find an interest in buying your products or services.

A simplified purchasing process

Almost 68% of online shoppers give up on completing their purchases because of an overly complex sales funnel. To avoid cart abandonment, consider making the shopping process as easy as possible.

Your website must be optimized for mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

The sales process should be safe, credible, and involve a minimum of referrals. Offer your future customers as many payment options as possible and reassure them about your security certificates.

Mistakes to avoid for emailings that convert

To optimize the conversion rate of your emailings, there are also some mistakes to avoid.

For example, you should avoid relaunching a contact who has replied or who has asked to be removed from your mailing list.


Pay attention to the frequency of sending your emails! If you spam your prospects or customers, they risk having a bad image of your business.

Finally, don’t keep a potential customer waiting: respond quickly and ask if they want to be called back, receive a quote, etc. Adapt to their activity and their needs!

Source: Marion Tocabens


If you set up an automated email system, while taking care to personalize your messages, providing evidence and relevant content and you think about the ergonomics of your website, you will see your conversion rate increase.

Also remember to analyze the open rates of your emails to find out which ones work… and which ones need to be reviewed to obtain better results. Analyzing results is essential and allows you to adjust your campaigns and find out what works and what works less with your subscribers.

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