How to retain customers?


If conversion remains a key objective of any digital strategy, customer loyalty should not be neglected – especially when we know that retaining a customer is less expensive than acquiring a new one.

In addition, current customers of your business spend an average of 31% more than your new customers, according to an infographic produced by Fieldboom, a company specializing in lead generation. Better yet, by retaining 5% of your customers, it is possible to increase your profits by 25 to 90%.

Faced with the definite advantages it represents, it is essential to equip yourself with a loyalty strategy. However, how do you keep your customers when the competition is tough? Discover all our advice to guarantee the loyalty of your buyers.

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Factors favorable to loyalty

Consumers are known to be versatile. They can move from one brand or company to another very quickly. Nonetheless, there are certain factors that promote customer loyalty.

Good to know

86% of consumers believe that loyalty is only possible when a form of conviviality exists between the brand and consumers.

The social network Twitter is considered a reference on which consumers can rely. 30% of potential customers confirm that they are inclined to recommend a company that answers their questions on Twitter. This figure increases to 44% when it comes to sharing their customer experience (online or offline).

The social network even contributes to the increase in sales since it encourages consumers to buy more from a brand if the latter interacts with them.

To pamper your customers, bet on these social platforms! They will be happy to talk to you before, during and after the purchase, to benefit from your advice. They will then be more inclined to tell others about you and to buy from you again.

Think about it

Personalized emails, with offers tailored to the needs of your consumers, also influence customer behavior by promoting their loyalty.

The plural profile of loyal customers

Unlike men, women are more loyal to a product or service, regardless of its quality, price or benefits.

Facebook users, on the other hand, become more attached to a brand. The more they connect to the social network, the more likely they are to be loyal (+ 125%) to a brand. The same is true for Instagram.

Millennials, followers of social media, represent the most loyal customers, all age groups combined.

The obstacles to loyalty

Consumer behavior has changed in recent years. With the advent of the internet, they are becoming more and more demanding and impatient. The quality of customer service must therefore be irreproachable.

Indeed, 52% of customers do not hesitate to turn to another supplier if the customer service does not meet their expectations (non-existent or approximate answers to their questions, very long response times, etc.) . This results in a 71% loss of customers for businesses.

Consumers also pay close attention to how a business treats its employees. 32% of them are ready to speak negatively about the brand if it behaves badly towards its staff.

The levers of customer loyalty

There are many ways you can go about building customer loyalty.

1. Your company’s values

One of the first questions to ask yourself in establishing your loyalty strategy is certainly “What are the values ​​of my company that I want to communicate to my customers?” “.

You should seek to establish which aspects of your brand will deserve the loyalty of your customers and which set your brand apart from others.

2. Customer satisfaction

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of loyalty is 5 times lower than that of acquiring customers.

Why ? Because it is much easier to sell a new product to a consumer who has already made a purchase in your store or subscribed to one of your services.

However, even if it is easier to return to a known provider, it must meet the needs of the customer: a study conducted by Blackhawk Network shows that 94% of consumers are loyal to a company that fully meets their needs.

Customer satisfaction is therefore a decisive stake in generating loyalty – certain indicators such as the Net Promoter Score can also help you measure it.

3. Exemplary customer service

Then, it is essential that your customer service is flawless. As we saw above, half of your customers will go elsewhere if your customer service is failing.

Think about it

Customer service must become a priority in your strategy.

4. A loyalty program

Most of the time, encouraging the loyalty of your customers involves setting up a loyalty program to encourage them to repeat their purchases.


Also remember to encourage your customers who are already convinced to become spokespersons for your brand, you must seek to know who these customers are and make them true ambassadors of your brand.

You can then go in search of customer feedback. This will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your efforts, continuously improve your customer service and give your customers a voice. By always going in this direction, you have to be able to create a deeper connection with your customer base than just customer service, you have to be there for them.

Think about it

For example, more and more brands are creating Facebook groups where they can engage with their most active fans. One thinks in particular of Starbucks which created a Facebook group only for the fans of its famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

5. Exclusive offers

exclusive Decitre offer

Your loyal customers should feel valued. Offer specific discounts, let them take advantage of exceptional offers, invite them to events organized by your company.

In short, pamper them! 62% of them are fond of these little touches that allow them to save money on their purchases.

6. Build loyalty with cross-selling and up-selling offers

Cross-selling encourages customers to order products associated with their previous purchases. As for up-selling, it means moving upmarket and aims to sell a more expensive and “superior” product than the one it already has.

In both cases, the key to success lies in the personalization of its offer according to customer expectations.

7. Private sales

Sarenza private sales

Who says private sale, says privileged status. By establishing a close relationship with your customers, they will feel that you care about them.

Offer your customers privileged access to your new products or exceptional discounts.

This method inevitably improves their sense of satisfaction with your business. They will tend to regularly check your newsletters on the lookout for good deals.

8. Constant innovation

The study conducted by Blackhawk Network tells us that 76% of consumers are loyal to a brand if it knows how to renew itself: always on the lookout for the latest trendy objects, your customers will not hesitate to turn to your competitors if you do not don’t go with the flow.

To retain your consumers, do not rest on your laurels! Find out how to improve your services and find new products that you won’t find anywhere else.

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9. Multichannel communication

In the digital age, customer relations are no longer limited to the telephone. Communication is multi-channel: online after-sales service, website, social networks, chatbots, etc.

These channels allow consumers to interact with brands in real time, according to their needs and the time of day. They can then obtain additional information about a product, be guided in their purchases or find a solution to a problem.

Did you know ?

56% of consumers will be more loyal if you take the time to talk to them through social networks and update your profiles.

Be wherever your customers are to constantly engage with them, so you can stay in their minds.

10. Gamification

Bring some play into your marketing! Gamification allows you to reward your customers at each purchase level or as the subscription period progresses. The older the customer, the more they interact with your brand, and the more they are rewarded!

Promotional offers, vouchers, gifts, subscription discounts… the rewards can be many and varied.


As you can see, loyal customers buy more, more regularly, and the cost of selling to those customers is lower. A satisfied customer is precious, because they will come back to you, but also because they will recommend you to their loved ones through the magic of word of mouth.

Pampering the loyalty of your customers has now become an imperative for the sustainability of your business. The time, effort and money you invest in retaining your customers will be well rewarded.

Social networks, blogs, mobile applications, newsletters… there is no shortage of channels for communicating with your customers and keeping them close to you!

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