Top 16 marketing ideas to put in place this fall


Summer is going, here is autumn! This new season marks changes in the purchasing habits of your customers.

It is therefore time to put your marketing strategy in fall colors!

How? ‘Or’ What ? Check out 16 marketing ideas to use this season.

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1. Organize a “Bye bye summer” sale

Celebrate the start of fall with a special “Goodbye Summer” sale.

Think of it as a big cleanup for your business. This is the opportunity to destock unsold items, while giving pleasure to your customers and prospects, with exceptional discounts.

If you don’t have any unsold items, choose 1 to 3 featured products from your fall collection to promote them.

2. Harness the energy of back to school

The end of summer marks the start of the new school year. Open the season by launching marketing initiatives to local schools.

Support young athletes and other local events through sponsorship, for example. If you sell women’s clothing, you can partner with a women’s soccer team. Good idea, right?

3. Promote a week of special offers

In the fall, consumers like to renew their wardrobes and make new resolutions. So now is the time to launch limited-time offers.

Take a week and choose 7 different products. Promote one article per day through your newsletter and on your social networks.

Start by teasing this offer a while before its launch, by finding a powerful name for it. The idea is to make consumers understand that the week will be rich in promotions and events, which will make them more attentive to your publications.

4. Publish tutorials adapted to fall

How to fully integrate your products and services in this particular season? If you sell food or kitchen accessories, now is the time to offer fall recipes: apple pie, pumpkin soup, stews and casseroles with root vegetables, etc.

If you are in the beauty or fashion industry, then you should definitely talk about fall-winter trends. Remember to put the products that fully correspond to these trends.

Bonobo autumn-winter guide

September is also the time to go back to school. You can offer guides, DIYs and other advice to support students during the school year (always related to your products!).

5. Create special fall Pinterest boards

Pinterest is THE social network to generate traffic on your website, boost your visibility and your sales. Also remember to adapt your pins to the season!

Create autumn-inspired boards with your own content, but also those generated by your consumers. You will be able to capture Internet users in search of inspiration for the season.

autumn inspiration Pinterest by Côté Maison

6. Reaching a new niche audience

Teddy Bear Day, World Programmers and Developers Day, Grandfathers Day or Mother-in-Laws Day… are all opportunities to expand your audience. In addition, these special days are ideal for setting yourself apart from the competition by showing creativity!

Consider surfing it on your social networks, in your emails and in your more general marketing actions. These unusual meetings will inevitably appeal to your prospects and customers, arouse their curiosity and push them to discover your special offers.

autumn selection

7. Avoid SEO competition

Fall is a busy time for SEO. Between the start of the school year, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Halloween, the approach of the holidays… It’s a good time for marketing!

Companies are therefore strengthening their position on consumer keywords. And they are prepared several months in advance! It will therefore be necessary to trick (or call on an SEO expert) to find low competition terms, popular during the fall.

If you do it now, it will be too late to reap the benefits of SEO. On the other hand, you can bet on a paid SEO strategy to strengthen your visibility, attract qualified traffic and boost your sales.

8. Prepare for important fall dates

As we said earlier, autumn is a period rich in appointments. Set up a schedule now, to list the important dates for your activity. Also think about special days and highlights of your business, to punctuate your fall marketing plan.

Creating a calendar will allow you to remember no important date, anticipate your marketing actions and improve your performance.


9. Give an autumnal touch to your loyalty program

Retaining your customers is essential for the sustainability of your business. Remember to pace your loyalty program according to the seasons, to keep the interest of your subscribers, but also to encourage other consumers to subscribe.

In the fall, you can offer additional incentives by offering more points or gifts. Of course, these will have to be linked to the season.

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10. Partner with other brands

Autumn is a good season to consume certain products: hot drinks, moisturizers, mid-season clothes, diaries and organizers, food supplements … Think about the brands with which you partner to create doubly impactful campaigns (contests on Instagram , cross blog posts, Facebook live, TikTok challenge, etc.)!

For example, if you are selling tea, you can contact cosmetic brands to start a big contest or co-sell products. Consumers will surely love enjoying a good cup of tea while leaving a hydrating mask on.

6 emailing campaigns to send this fall

Autumn, a good season for your emailing campaigns! Why ? With the weather, your recipients spend more time indoors, enjoying cozy moments, with a hot cup of tea and cookies… while surfing the web. This is an opportunity to capture their attention, engage in conversation and create bonds that will last until the end of the year (a period rich in purchases!).

So, go! Focus on 6 campaign ideas to send this fall …

fall email campaign

1. Engage the new summer subscribers

With your summer marketing strategy, you have certainly gained new subscribers. After the excitement of the holidays, the desire for your brand can quickly fall back into the back-to-school whirlwind. Don’t let your new prospects down, on the contrary, use the fall to deepen your relationship with them.

To maintain engagement during this new season, send them:

  • A new welcome message
  • A survey to better understand their expectations and needs (which will help you to segment them as well)
  • Teasers of your new products or new features to come
  • Your brand’s story or commitments
  • Sector news
  • Tips for surviving the start of the school year and the end of the year

2. Re-present the features of your product

With the return to work, fall is a time when many consumers are turning the page. They start a new diet, resume sports, learn a new language or change their interior decoration.

Since they want to try new things, this is an opportunity to recall less used features of your product or service. Come back to the main advantages and the added value they bring to the product.

In your emails, include links to blog posts and tutorials that detail the usefulness of these functions, to make them want to take the plunge.

3. Promote Pink October

33% of consumers buy from brands that are socially or environmentally active.

That’s good ! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many companies take the opportunity to do a good deed… and encourage their customers to do the same. They donate a percentage of their sales to an association fighting against breast cancer, or sell products whose profits will go fully to these organizations. The goal is to raise public awareness of this cause, while promoting the social commitment of your company.

The month of October is also an opportunity to review your commitments to feminist causes. In addition to promoting your actions, you can honor the women on your team in your newsletter.

pink october

4. Put your campaigns in the colors of the local team

Autumn is also the return of sports activities. Ligue 1 or TOP 14, it’s time to put the spotlight on the city or region where your business is located.

Use their colors in your emails, or use the local mascot. You can also highlight places to visit and good addresses in your region.

If you have followers nationwide, segment your audience by geographic location. Send a support email to the respective teams, taking care to include slogans or other popular codes in the subject line.

5. Give advice for outdoor activities

Fall does not mean the end of outdoor activities. All the more so if the sun stays there… In addition, many people take holidays during this period and devote themselves to camping, hiking, sightseeing, etc.

You can continue your summer communication by showing how your products or services support them during the holidays. And to grab everyone’s attention, make sure your tips work just as well for vacations as they do for weekends (extended or not).

6. Send gift guides for the holiday season

Christmas is getting ready earlier and earlier. By starting your year-end campaigns now, you are getting ahead of your competition!

Why not send out a buying guide and gifts for Christmas, starting in October? This will allow you to attract traffic to targeted pages, which need to be referenced quickly.

In your emailings, also start teasing your offers for the holiday season. You can send a survey to your subscribers to find out their projects, but also the products they want to offer. This will allow you to optimize your marketing campaigns by targeting the articles most likely to appeal to your prospects and customers.


Autumn is an opportunity to deepen the relationship with your contacts, while preparing for the end of the year. Take advantage of this period to offer your advice (as always!), Keep your prospects engaged and retain your customers. You will reap the rewards of this work around Christmas time!

Let your creativity run wild to turn fall into a marketing opportunity. Of course, don’t forget to put your brand in the same mood as your consumers, by adapting the design to this beautiful season.

Make room for yellow and orange colors on your website and social networks to optimize the experience of your users.

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